An open exchange , allow your users to buy and sell items from other community members.

  1. Create a categories
  2. Manage categories
  3. Add a product with:

    • Name
    • Price
    • Category
    • Type (User or New)
    • Privacy
    • Currency
    • Allow comments of user or not
    • Description
    • Add up to 5 photos and select any photo as cover photo.
  4. Newsfeed listing
  5. Mark product sold
  6. Search product by

    • Keyword
    • Price High to Low or Low to High
    • By category name
    • By type user/new
  7. Contact user about product directly, user will be notified in message with the product name.

This doesn't involves the payment gateway/direct payment accepting. User need to arrange the payment channel themselves.

Once you unlocked you can able to download this product any time

Buy / Unlock
Product LicenseCommercial
Product TypeComponent
Latest Version2.5
Last Update1 week ago
Incl. Managed Social Network