Membership Tier Management

Allow admin to create different packages with restrictions for the users and allow them to subscribe the package. You can restrict actions and pages for each package.

You can choose a one-time cost or a monthly term for your package. The fee is deducted from the user's wallet, and if the user's wallet is empty, he will be notified and denied access to the membership. Additionally, you are able to export users (name and email) from a particular tier.

This component requires Wallet and Gadgets component which can be found

You need to configure CRON jobs to run payments related tasks. Details located in admin panel.

Additional pages and actions can be added on request.

Supported Actions and Page

Action | Group Add
Action | Comment
Action | Message Send
Action | Friend Add
Action | Reactions
Action | Forum Topic Create
Action | Forum Reply Create
Page | Invite
Page | Group View
Page | Group Edit
Page | Group Members
Page | Messages
Page | Photos
Page | User Profile View
Page | Who viewed profile
Page | Video Add
Page | Video List
Page | Event Add
Page | Poll Add
Page | Polls List
Page | Files Add
Page | Files List
Page | Marketplace Product Add
Page | Marketplace Lists
Page | Audio Add
Page | Audio List
Page | Audio List User
Page | Business Pages List
Page | Business Page View
Page | Search
Page | Who is online

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Product LicenseCommercial
Product TypeComponent
Latest Version1.6
Last Update1 week ago
Incl. Managed Social Network